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[cdt-l] cdt permits

We only had permts for Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

You may also read that you need a permit for the Indian Reservation to the
east of Glacier. We didn't have that permit, even though the NPS routed us
along the highway through the indian lands.

I don't remember seeing any land identified as New Mexico state land. There
was some Wyoming state land where you could not camp (but they didn't


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> Hey, Could someone rattle off the list of permits needed for the whole
> cdt? Wanna make sure I got em all...Not sure where these are conveniently
> listed right now.
> I know:
> RMNP (if stopping in the park)
> Indian Peaks Wilderness(?)
> Dosent one need a permit to camp on state land in NM, I thought I read
> that somewhere....
> Thanks
> James
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