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[cdt-l] Wondering if the list is still active

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003 19:17:12 +0000, Ryan Christensen
<ca_radiance@hotmail.com> wrote:

> ...
> is anyone on this list? Anyone out there?

Hi, Ryan,

Been meaning to note this link for some time (stop me if I've done this
before) and your query gives me the impetus.  Hopefully I'm not repeating
myself, but I lost all the prior e-mail when I changed browsers, and can't
check.  <sigh>


True, this link discusses the presence (or lack thereof) of giardia in the
Sierra, but aside from chemical pollutants aren't those same issues present
on the CDT?  If the native giardia is manageable that means those bulky and
weighty pumps can be left on the store shelf.

Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California

"I've seen your picture in the paper and wondered what you looked like." --