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I tend to agree with the statement below... however, there are a lot of
areas where the two-track is right on the divide & there's really no
better place for a trail. Plus, I do actually like walking on a
two-track if you're hiking with someone - you can actually look at each
other while having a conversation. I prefer to think of them as two-lane
trails... and roads as "super-wide" trails.


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Maybe I'm being too much of a
single track snob, but I really feel like there's a substantial
between walking a dirt road vs. a nice single track; you really interact
differently with what you're seeing. Single track is just the minimum
need to wind your way through a landscape; two track or dirt roads are
clearly the print of a mechanized vehicle where walking is a secondary
activity, and the road dominates your field of view. And there were lots
of times when you could either walk XC or walk a dirt road, where they
were about the same distance, and when it comes down to that situation,
it's hard not to take the road.