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[cdt-l] my maps

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In case anyone was wondering. I plan on doing a revision to my CDT maps.

I expect to get some feedback from some of this year's CDT hikers
(including some who hiked northbound) and update the notes, fix any
errors, etc. I plan to add a couple more alternate routes - wind rivers
& some in Colorado, etc. I hope to add mileage markers between landmarks
& intersections every 4 miles or so, so you can more easily plan a day.
I want to add some notes about declination, etc. I also plan to add
(with some help from friends) larger-scale overview maps to cover area
beyond the area currently covered on the maps. Plus someone volunteered
to help set something up so you can batch-print the maps, making the
printing process a lot easier. If you hiked the CDT this year & used my
maps & have any suggestions for notes, etc. let me know! I expect to be
"done" with the new revision around January. or sooner depending on the
weather (if it's crummy outside all winter, I'll be spending more time
on the computer)

I've added a web page on my site regarding the maps (technical details,
etc) it's at: