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[cdt-l] Special Film for Slides?

As stated there are various slide films. The least expensive is Kodaks
Elite Chrome. You can get it at various speeds. There are other Kodak
products, but they go up in price as they approach professional levels.
Each having different qualities.

I use the Elite Chrome, with very good results.

You should check out B&H Photo on the web. These guys do not mess with
bait and switch. Items are clearly marked as USA or imports, and they
advise whether or not the item is in stock.

The also have prepaid mailers for 35mm slide film. It's the same price
for 24 or 36 count film, I think $5.49 each. I usually buy several at a
time. Turn time is about 10 days. Not too bad.

BTW, slides stow in a smaller place. you can use a viewer to inspect
them (I have an inexpensive projector that is 20 years old), and if you
find one you like, they are easy to blow up to poster size.



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