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[cdt-l] miscellany

One thing I struggled with a bit throughout the summer was how much
non-single track walking there was to do. More paved road-walking than I
would have liked, of course, but there was also a lot of gravel road or dir=
road walking in every state (except maybe CO). Maybe I=92m being too much o=
f a
single track snob, but I really feel like there=92s a substantial differenc=
between walking a dirt road vs. a nice single track; you really interact
differently with what you=92re seeing. Single track is just the minimum you
need to wind your way through a landscape; two track or dirt roads are
clearly the print of a mechanized vehicle where walking is a secondary
activity, and the road dominates your field of view. And there were lots of
times when you could either walk XC or walk a dirt road, where they were
about the same distance, and when it comes down to that situation, it=92s h=
not to take the road.

Anyway, all that is just to say that I=92m a big proponent of getting good
single-track tread laid for the length of the trail. It seems like there ar=
folks who glorify the status quo (the mix of road, trail, XC, and whatever
else), I guess because they like to remember the trail as not being set, as
they walked it, somehow more adventurous; but the goal really ought to be a
CDT that has a good connected tread the whole way, and single-track wheneve=
possible. It is, after all, the CD TRAIL, and not the CD Road or the CD Two
Track. I know this is not always feasible, but it seems like a worthy goal.

That said, I think a vital part of the CDT will be keeping alive the
plethora of route options, so that everyone can tailor a hike to their need=
and wants. This was a great part of the experience and I hope that as the
trail starts to become more established, that this angle doesn=92t fade awa=
There=92s no reason there can=92t be multiple routes all made available, ev=
en if
one route has to be the officially designated route.

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