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[cdt-l] Sly and the CDT

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I am so glad Sly called you about the pack... I was ready to outfit him and
overnight everything to him!  I mean we only have 3 packs, 5 mats, 3 stoves,
3 sleeping bags, 4 pots etc etc sitting around here waiting for someone to
use them....and I am only counting my stuff lol.........and which tent could
I pick.............hmmmmmmmmm.

Anyhow, his pack showed up intact with everything in it on the next bus
run...What a relief!   I should be meeting him in Grants on October 5th and
am very excited.  We are going to play tourist for a week and then get back
here.  I found a car for him to buy so he has got to be back in the real
world pretty quick.

congrats to all the other CDT hikers who finished or are getting ready to