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[cdt-l] Sly and the CDT

Almost forgot,

Sly called me last weekend from Alamosa, CO.  He is on his way back to
Cumbres Pass to pick up the 250 miles in NM he had to avoid because of
the fires earlier in the year.

And guess what, Chase are you listening, the bus lost his pack.  They
said it could be in Albuquerque and might arrive the next morning.  He
was of course, quite bummed about it all, but I could still detect the
excitement of nearing the end of another trail.  He said if it didn't
arrive he'd go to Wal-mart and get the bare essentials and still finish.
I offered to help and to have him call again if his pack didn't show -
he hasn't called.

Also heard from Ishmael, an ALDHA member.  He finished the CDT a few
weeks ago.  He had left his van in the parking lot at Vallecito
Reservoir near Durango, and it got scorched by the Missionary Ridge
fire.  Luckily a buddy pulled all his gear out of it.  Apparently, it
suffered only cosmetic damage, and he's flying out Sept 30 to collect it
and drive back to PA.

Everyone play nice...

Ke Kaahawe

Osprey Packs, Inc.
115 W. Progress Circle
Cortez, CO 81321

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