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[cdt-l] Fwd: CDT Hike

Congrats, Jeff!

In this summer of early NM and CO fires and closures, for about how many
miles total were you forced off your original or ideal route onto alternate
roads?  As a section hiker finishing in Glacier this summer (I agree with
your sentiments about ending in fabulous Glacier), I kept thinking about you
folks starting in the South and wondering the above question. Did you go by
way of Dawson Pass in Glacier?


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Hey, I just returned home from my CDT TREK. Started on May 1
at the Mexican border near Columbus, NM and finished on Sept.
14 in Waterton National Park. Canada. What a great time and if there
was a year to hike south to north this year was it.
It was pretty dry in NM, guess that's to be expected, Colorado there was
very little snow, and the best part of hiking north is that you finish your
trek in Glacier National Park, in my opinion the best part on the CDT.
Thanks to everyone that gave advice and helped me on planning.

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