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[cdt-l] A re-introduction

Hello all,

Many of you on this list already know me, whether
through my e-mails over the years, meeting me on hikes
or meeting me at hiker get togethers.

For those that do not, thought I'd give a short
re-introduction.  The name is Paul Magnanti. Commonly
known as Mags not only on the trails but among many
people who know me. (The joys of having an un-common
last name with an odd letter combo, at least for
English. Better than what my younger brother's DI
called him in basic: Mag-whatever the hell your name
is... :-)

Did the AT in '98 and just finished the PCT. By this
point the long distance hiking lifestyle has its hooks
in me rather deep. So in 2004 plan to do the CDT.
Besides being one of the "Big Three" trails, the CDT
is in my 'backyard' as I currently call Boulder, CO my
home, at least as soon as I am done visiting some
friends and family on the East Coast where I grew up!
Plus, I turn the big "three-oh" in 2004. What better
way to end my twenties and start my thirties then by
hiking a long trail and living life the most
satisfying way for me?

In the winter of 2003 probably have many question on
re-supply, hiking strategies (N to S? Flipflop? etc..)
and other questions  as I pore over the many maps
needed to hike this trail. Do not expect it to be the
same as the other two trails, but that is what I am
hiking a different trail!

Well, that is enough for now. Thought I'd give a hello
and looking forward to 'talking' to everyone this
upcoming year.

Maybe see some of you at the East Coast Gathering!
(sans my beard of four years and with a buzz cut!)

DTFT '03 (Desk to Fridge Trail)

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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