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[cdt-l] Zirkel alternate

Just in case there's any more southbounders behind us, here's the alternate=
 route Troubadour and I took to get around the Mt. Zirkel fires:
We left the CDT on the Manzanares trail (though you could continue on to th=
e Hare trail jct.) hiking through Big Red Park, then on roads over Twin Mt.=
 to Hahn's Peak Village. We then walked the shoulder of Hwy 129 to Clark (w=
here there is a store and PO). From Clark, we headed East, up the Greenvill=
e Mine Rd. to the Roaring Fork trailhead. There is a small part of the road=
 which crosses the boundary of the closure, however the ranger (Wen) we spo=
ke to at the Routt NF office in Steamboat gave us the permission to continu=
e on the road to the trailhead. From there, we took the Roaring Fork trail =
through Swamp Park, reconnecting with the CDT via the Luna Lake and Lake El=
bert trails. The highway walk is only about 8 to 10 miles, and we estimated=
 the entire route to be about 40 to 45 miles. (And there are three restaura=
nts along the highway!)
Hope this is of help to anyone who may need it. Troubadour and I are in Gra=
nd Lake, headed south despite the fresh snow we can see on the mountains ab=
ove the lake. Let the official butt-kicking by Mother Natue begin!


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