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[cdt-l] Special Film for Slides?

Hey Now,

Question that's not directly related to the CDT, my apologies but i don't
wanna go ask around in a photography newsgroup or something since slide shows
have been mentioned here twice recently - anyway... does one need special
film for slides?  It's my understanding that that used to be the case but is
it nowadays?  This question may be considered dumb to some (excuse me for not
being knowledgable about everything in the universe!) - can slides be made if
i'm using a digital camera?  I guess the pics would hafta be printed then
made into slides somehow or no, nope, not gonna happen, must use a 35mm
camera?  I'm thinkin' about being able to present some of my upcoming hikes
with slides if the opportunity arises so your input to my wondering will be
GREATLY appreciated and I thank you mucho!