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[cdt-l] Re: CDT-L digest, Vol 1 #371 - 1 msg


For southbound hikers there is Charlotte and Jerome
http://www.geocities.com/backbonehike/index . They did Montana northbound
due to the snow in north Montana. They are now headed south somewhere in
Wyoming. Family commitments had them off trail the second week in July
otherwise you would have met them somewhere between Anaconda and Helena.
When in Wisdom a month ago I checked the hiker logbook, and WaterWitch (?)
had passed through in early July (the 3rd or 5th I believe).  She was
headed south and surprised to be the first to sign the log book for the
summer. I am not sure if she is doing the entire trail, but I thought I
recall her being on the CDT email list last winter.

> howdy,
> this is mike elliott, southbounder.  i am in grand lake and the weather
> is gorgeous.  i keep wondering when i am going to get slammed?!
> also, i am very curious what other southbound thruhikers are out there
> besides me, troubadour, and turtle.  i dont know of anyone hiking the
> whole thing on  "trail" that began ahead of us, and any that began
> behind would be really late; are there others?