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[cdt-l] Re: CDT-L digest, Vol 1 #371 - 1 msg

this is mike elliott, southbounder.  i am in grand lake and the weather is
gorgeous.  i keep wondering when i am going to get slammed?!

a few thoughts as i finally got to a computer and checked back issues of the
cdt-l ( with my pocketmail i don't have the impetus to get to a computer

i think we should call a hitchhike around the zirkel fire a detour not an
alternate!  it is a bummer to miss miles but an alternate is a different
route you walk, and hitching is not walking.  i hitched.  the road from
columbine to steamboat is narrow and heavily traveled by big SUVs gong very
fast.  i agree with you David about the dangers!  actually, i hiked to
diamond park part-way into the burn on august 29.  there were no trail
closure signs and i just kept going (it wqas raining and there was no smoke
in the area, only distant).  the fire is very much died down, just spots
really, but nontheless they are working on cutting out burned snags so the
area is off limits.  the FS drove me out to another trail in the SE part of
the area where i could walk to steamboat but i got lost on cow trails so i
backtracked and hitched from clark to steamboat.  resumed at buffalo pass.

also, i am very curious what other southbound thruhikers are out there
besides me, troubadour, and turtle.  i dont know of anyone hiking the whole
thing on  "trail" that began ahead of us, and any that began behind would be
really late; are there others?   yes, you will notice my choice of words.  i
have heard of somone skipping around and doing random parts, i have heard of
a guy road walking and hitchiking his way along.  any other Thru Hikers?

anyway, things are going great after my right ankle has healed form
tendonitis.  i am psyched for High Colorado and we'll see what happens with
the early winter.

take care all, and enjoy your journeys.  God is Great,


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