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[cdt-l] RE: Team Triple Crown

Obviously it was the OTHER snow. Imagine hiking from Oct 15th, 2001 until
mid summer always slogging through snow or worrying about it just ahead.
Believe me, it wears on you.

Only Fiddlehead and Pieps can say why they chose to give up now, but
consider that they had close to 2,000 miles of PCT left and just 6 weeks
left in their year.

It ain't easy.
Flyin' Brian

>From: "Michael Henderson" <michaelh@ospreypacks.com>
>Where have they run into too much snow?  It's August on the PCT, I don't
>get it.  Or are they just tired from all the OTHER snow they had to deal
>Flyin' Brian wrote:
> >From: David Patterson <white_root@yahoo.com>
> >Also heard from Team Triple Crown. They completed the
> >AT, CDT, and 800 miles of the PCT and are now done for
> >the season.
>Yeah, I heard this too. (from Fiddlehead)
>They gave it a good shot, but they just had too much snow to deal with.
>I think that's going to be a common lament from those who try it in the
>I made a lot of good decisions, but the best by far was to pick a good
>year. Luck is a big factor.
>Flyin' Brian

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