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[cdt-l] RE: Mt Zirkel fires

Seems like the best thing to do is go around for the
short term and come back later. I know several people
behind me on the PCT were caught in the Sisters fire
of 96. It's part of walking western trails. Luckily I
was ahead and it didn't cut into the continuity of my

Remember if you decide to walk an improved highway or
shoulder to do so with caution. Fast moving vehicles
and pedestrians never seem to mix.

good luck with the rest of your hike,


p.s. First snow of the year 11K and above in western
CO happened a few days ago. Looks like we are in for
an early winter! The trees are already starting to
turn too.

Also heard from Team Triple Crown. They completed the
AT, CDT, and 800 miles of the PCT and are now done for
the season.

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