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[cdt-l] Continental Divide Trail Society Website

CDTS has just posted a completely new website at www.cdtsociety.org

We invite list members to visit and surf.  Be sure to take a look at the Li=
nks page when you are there.

The Marketplace lists all items available for sale from the Society. Note t=
hat we have reduced the price on the 18-CD topographic map set from about $=
150 to about $100. Lynne Whelden's video on how to hike the CDT has also be=
en reduced. (On book and map orders, there will henceforth be a fixed $2.00=
 postage and handling charge.)

Please send suggestions as well as notice of any glitches, etc. The site ha=
s a page that can be used for sending messages.

Our thanks to Tom Bombaci, who has provided a temporary home for the past s=
everal months.

Happy trails!

Jim Wolf