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[cdt-l] Slavomir Rawicz

 Please ccan you send me information about S.Rawicz, as I am at university in the U.K. As I'm currently doing a National Diploma in Outdoor Education.
The book "The Long Walk", is one I am interested in obtaining and any other relivant information about who may have read it.
I am 28yrs old and come from Dartmoor, South West Devonshire, South West England, and am studdying at " The University of Cenral Lancashire", which is just inside the Lake District,( National Park).
To see your Web site was indeed a great insite for me, as I can say that one day soon I will be doing that 3100 mile/km walk from Canada to Mexico.
I'm a strong beleaver in traveling and have been to some amazing places in my time.
Just a little insite about me.
Yours Sincerely,
Pete Fisk.