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[cdt-l] To New Mexico...

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In a message dated 10/15/2002 12:46:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jintra72@yahoo.com writes:

> So, all of you currently or recently in NM, how are the conditions? Is
> the Carson covered in snow? Just as freezing as MT, or not yet? We are
> going to probably bus it, i guess to Santa Fe, or does anyone know how

Hey Jessica, it's nice to see you still out there!

You can take the bus to Antonito, CO and try hitchhiking up to Cumbres Pass.
Or for $15 take a coach connected with the Toltec and Cumbres Scenic
Railroad.  The office is right in town, near the road to the pass.  For $50
you can take the train.  We met a local at a restaurant that drove us up
there.  If you take the bus to Antonito, don't forget to keep an eye on your
packs at all times when the bus is stopped and make sure it gets on the right
bus during transfers, no matter what the driver tells you.

Have a great hike in NM.  It may be cold in the higher elevations during the
nights (warm during the day) and water will be a problem after Cuba, but
otherwise you should have a great time.  I suggest following the Jim Wolf
route as the "official" has way too much paved road walking, the Carters of
the Moon section after Grants flat out stinks (I drove it in the car after I
finished) and it doesn't do the Middle Fork of/or the Gila River.  Plus the
"official" route doesn't go over Mount Taylor, which was awesome.

Have a good one, Sly