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[cdt-l] To New Mexico...

This is a post from Jen and Jessica, the two elusive hikers (originally
a group of 3, but Adelia decided it was not jiving, so it's been just
Jen and me basically since Glacier...)

Thank you to all the help and advice from the northbounders we met -
Pete n Ishmael, Sly and the crew of 7, etc... We have been battling the
cold and made it as far as Big Hole Pass (After Chief Joseph) where,
after much deliberation, we decided to bail from Montana with only 2.5
weeks left to Macks Inn. Just too damn cold for my southern fingers and
toes... But the mountains and bow hunters have been great company, and
Jen and I are headed to NM asap to try and at least finish from Cumbres'
Pass south.

So, all of you currently or recently in NM, how are the conditions? Is
the Carson covered in snow? Just as freezing as MT, or not yet? We are
going to probably bus it, i guess to Santa Fe, or does anyone know how
we can get from there up to Chama or the Pass?

Any advice appreciated, thank you! -jessica


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