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[cdt-l] divides and crests

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The Parting of the Waters is at Two Oceans Pass. From the perspective of so=
meone crossing the pass, it's a very long, flat, narrow pass. If you don't =
look too closely, you'd think you're in an ordinary canyon, rather than at =
a pass. The top is a boggy area that's not obvious at all. There are side c=
anyons with decent-sized creeks in them coming down on both sides of the pa=
ss. The Parting of the Waters is a place where a "side" creek comes down ri=
ght at the boggy pass area. It splits and flows down both sides of the pass=
. Technically, the Continental Divide doesn't exist in this area. It must b=
e seen to be believed.
The Pacific Crest is not a true a divide like the Continental Divide, which=
 separates waters that flow into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. For examp=
le, the Columbia River flows through the Cascades. But as I'm sure you noti=
ced, the PCT follows a string of mountain ranges that has a more continuous=
 feel than those on the CDT.
Flyin' Brian
 Rafi Youatt <rafi_youatt@hotmail.com> wrote:I was thinking about the Parti=
ng of the Waters on the CDT in WY, just south
of Yellowstone, and I couldn't figure out how exactly it worked. It seems
like a creek would have to flow exactly down the Divide itself so it could
then split into the Atlantic and Pacific sides. But if the creek is actuall=
on one side and then splits in two, wouldn't that mean that the Divide isn'=
actually a divide, since water from one side could cross over to the other
side? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the geological idea of a divide though -
anyone know about this?

And this reminded me of a conversation I had out on the CDT this year about
what the "Pacific Crest" actually IS. It's not a watershed, as I understand
it, so then how is it defined? Is it just made up?

Anyway, I found pretty funny and a little sad that after having walked both
the PCT and the CDT, I couldn't explain fully how the Divide worked and wha=
the Crest was!


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