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[cdt-l] PCT Thumbnails Posted

I am going to be lazy and just quote from my web page.

I no longer have ready access to a high speed line, so
it will take forever to load up all 350+ of my photos
from the slide show. So, I decided to make a simple
thumbnail view of the pictures from my slide show.
Seven of the photos are from friends, (Thanks  Chris
and thanks Tim!) the rest are all pictures I took with
FujiChrome slide film and scanned in with an Epson
Perfection Photo Scanner.  As soon as I get a high
speed connection will upload my photos. For now, the
thumbnails will hopefully give you an idea of the PCT
experience.  The thumbnail file is nearly one meg in
size, so if you have a slow connection you may want to
right click and choose SAVE TARGET AS and download the

The link mentioned in the above text is:


The photos will make a lot more sense with captions (I
assure you, the picture of the Atlantic Ocean, for
example, was not made on the PCT. :D The caption I
have says "Back visiting my family in Rhode Island,
the journey is over"). But, should be straight forward


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