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[cdt-l] re:Backpacking food available

Wow...what a diet!! You eat better on the trail than I eat at home!!. since=
 you posted your...very generous...offer...I looked up your website and got=
 a few more details about your diet/meals during your 2002 thru-hike. Wow! =
You practically ate your way thru the PCT !! I have to admit that my tradit=
ional diet - rammen and granola - leaves a lot to be desired. Haut cuisine =
for me is adding soy sauce and hot sauce to my noodles.  I'll experiment wi=
th one or two of your foods and I'm sure my diet will be much improved. tha=
nks again. I'll pass on the actual food, however I'd love to get some more =
recipe info from you. what recipes did you use the powdered eggs in? gravie=
s?  And what the heck is an Odwalla bar? thanks Caleb Ewing