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[cdt-l] re: cdt sobo start and timing

i would concur with jonathan about the sobo start timing:  get there as
early and be willing to wait if the conditions suggest that.  but as he
said, if you start "late" you'll never get that time back.  i call "early"
the first week of june, and "late" the last week of june.  and yes, there
are a lot of miles between Glacier and San Luis Pass so whether or not you
are early or late to the San Juans is more a factor of hiking style than
start date.
(also, the route you choose can affect things by a measure of days.  i didnt
do the Butte Loop but did the Anaconda Cutoff.  other choices will affect
things to a lesser degree but collectively could make a significant
differance.  thus if you think you may want ot do every little scenic and/or
high route- a la Jonathan Ley the Mountain Goat!- don't wait till late june
to get rolling.)
jonathan, i bet your rubric is a good estimate, though i would move the
southbound timing up a week from early october to late spetember.  just an
ciao, mikeE.

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