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[cdt-l] cdt 2002 comments

re: going southbound

Nice comments about when to start, directions to go
in, etc. The more I think about it, the more I am
leaning towards a southbound journey. I know it is
just an arbitrary line, but the idea of a continuous
journey appeals to me. Plus, a delay of  four or six
weeks to start means an extra four or six weeks of
money in the bank. (As much as I hate to admit it,
economics can play a factor in deciding when to do a
thru-hike...).  I figure that I can make the San Juans
before the snow really starts to hit knowing my hiking
style and pace...

My question for those who are experienced going SoBo
on the CDT, when to start up at Glacier? I am thinking
mid-June roughly. I realize alot depends on the
snowpack up in Montana, which can vary from year to
year, but just looking for a ball park figure.

(who is about to start working again for the first
time in almost 7 mos..the horror! :D)

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