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[cdt-l] favorite parts

i forgot to respond to Ginny's "favorite parts" question.  Sly, i agree with
you about the remarkably high percentage of great moments.  people back home
kept thinking i was just trying to be positive when each email was so perky
and made it sound so fun.  but it really was!!
my favorites:
-of course Glacier, especially this year considering the conditions
Troubadour, Turtle, and I encountered.  the challenge made it all the more
-the Bitterroots, esp from chief joseph pass to lemhi pass and the Nicholia
Cr area north
-south yellowstone NP/ bridger teton wilderness to Brooks Lake at Togwotee
-the Tierra Amarilla in fall, think red and gold aspens with a sprinkling of
snow on the ground:)
-the plain leading to the valley that feeds snow creek (and on into snow
lake and the middle fork of the gila river)
-the Devils Garden, north of Silver City and just after where the CDTS route
turns east.
there are so many others...

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