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[cdt-l] Finished Hike

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I saw Turtle and Jessica yesterday morning.  They were hoping to meet up
with Chris and Dawn, who were in town on their way to the Grand Canyon.
They had spent the night with Troubador on Mount Taylor, but had come into
town by a different route.  I haven't heard from him at all, but I imagine
we would have heard about it had he been lost or in trouble...

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Mike - congratulations on finishing your hike. I hope it was a good one for
you. Glad you did it? What words of wisdom?

What were your favorite and unfavorite parts of the hike? (Same question to
you others who finished the trail this year. That was one of the many
questions I wanted to raise at the cdt workshop at the Gathering that got
lost in my fear of talking in front of a crowd confusion.) What are your
thoughts on the northbound vs southbound issue? Anybody? Now that most of
you are back, it is time to share your thoughts and stories. Since we can't
be out there hiking, let us live vicariously, please ;-)

You said there is a lot of paved road walking south of Silver City - is that
the official route, or did you end up just walking the highway south of
Hachita to get it done? We went the other way - and while there was a fair
amount of pavement, it was also possible to follow routes through the desert
and on dirt roads that avoided most of the highway walking. And what there
was, wasn't that bad through there because of the wide shoulder. Also there
wasn't enough vegetation to create a real problem with cross country hiking.
Still, a lot of people just want to get that part of New Mexico over with
and end up doing the highway so they can get finished (or if they're heading
north, get to the good stuff in the Gila).

Also - does anyone know where Troubadour is? His last post was Oct. 22, for
a journal entry of October 4th. Did he get off the trail? I assume that
they are the last ones out there - but don't know for sure. I enjoyed being
the last to finish - we got passed by all the other southbounders, and met
most of those who made it to the border.


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