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[cdt-l] finished hike

this is mike elliott,  CDT southbounder 2002-  yee haa !!  i arrived at
antelope wells, NM on november 1st.  what an incredible journey:)
after the note i sent from Chama about roadwalking in the CDT, i think it
needs to be revised a bit after the NM experience: there are some great
trails in NM but A LOT of roadwalking, lots of it paved.  i did some XC in
the area south of Silver City but thorny plants are a bit of a barrier, and
location of water dictates routing to a certain extent.
anyway, i dont feel like stirring up that dialogue again, i just wanted to
write to thank folks again for their help while i was planning this thing
last spring, and to especially thank Jim Wolf (do you read this?) for all
his work over the years to get the CDT to where it is now.
for 6 years (i hiked the PCT in 96) i have been dreaming about this trek an=
now it is done, kinda hard to believe.
take care everyone!

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