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[cdt-l] Hello, etc. (First post).

You could always try the Arizona Trail. The winter is
the time to do that anyway.
--- larcat@larcat.com wrote:
> Howdy.
> I'm Devin McGhee, a college student from Chicago
> planning on doing the CDT as soon as I get out of
> school.
> I've got a problem though, due to various things,
> I'll
> be getting out of school smack dab in the middle of
> winter (early Dec '03) and I'll want to get
> backpacking
> by early January probably (I know this is a year and
> a
> half from now but...) Obviously this is not the time
> to
> start the CDT from the north or from the south. So
> here's what I'm wondering: Is there some way that
> any
> of you know about that I could put together a few
> months worth of backpacking in the south (since I'm
> going to be packing during winter) that would get me
> on
> the CDT at the proper time from the south?
> One more quick thing... I'm planning on doing the
> trip
> solo (assuming I don't meet any one on the trail
> that I
> end up packing with). This will be my first looong
> trip
> (done a number of short trips before, and I have a
> series of progressively longer ones planned between
> now
> and when I'm done with school), and is soloing it
> patently insane?
> Thanks in advance...
> -Devin 
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