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[cdt-l] Hello, etc. (First post).

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

The more I think about the FT idea the better it
sounds, for any number of reasons, but the biggest is
that I will have done at least one thru hike then and
will be more mentally prepared (I hope) for the CDT.

As per the other trips I'm doing to prepare, well I
haven't been backpacking in several years, so it should
be something like this:

A week in Canada (Killarney) in August.

Two weeks in Pensylvania (one of the big loops there or
a two week chunk of the southern AT) around

A month in Joshua Tree over Christmas to try and get a
feel for desert hiking and carrying that much water.

Then that summer I'm going to try and do a four or five
week loop well.... Some where.....

Hopefully that will be enough preparation for the CDT.
Plus those trips will be a blast in and of themselves


> Devin,
> Good luck wherever & whenever you may hike! The
CDT has
> a somewhat
> limited "weather window" if you want to
hike the whole
> thing in one shot
> (without flipping around much, etc). S->N there's
> usually not much point
> in starting before mid April as you'll run into
> difficult snow in
> Colorado (unless you go really slow!). It usually
> around 4-6 weeks
> to hike NM. N->S you really don't want to start
> early June. Both
> those dates are subject to +/- variations depending on
> the previous
> winter's snowpack. If 03/04 is a heavy winter down
> south, you may not
> even want to go S->N without flipping at some
> My best advice
> would be to keep your plans fluid until you're closer
> to a start date.
> The only problem is that in mid Dec, the winter won't
> be over yet & you
> won't know the snowpack situation. 
> The FT idea isn't a bad one! I doubt anybody's linked
> it with the CDT,
> but then again, there are a lot of people walking
> around the country at
> any given time... who knows (I wanted to do a PNT/CDT
> hike, but just
> couldn't get it together in time). You can pretty much
> hike anywhere
> there's land - if you don't mind walking on roads,
> Another idea
> might be to start somewhere like the southern tip of
> Texas & follow the
> border to the CDT. Or, start at the US/Mex border at
> the Gulf? Or, if
> you're ambitious, start in Mexico somewhere. The
> continental divide, as
> a geographical feature, doesn't end till Tierra Del
> Fuego!
> Hiking alone isn't insane, but it might be a little
> more difficult on
> the CDT if you haven't had much long distance hiking
> experience and/or
> don't have a really determined attitude. When I hiked
> the PCT, I had
> little experience & benefited immeasurably from
> experience and
> encouragement of others I met. I met a couple guys on
> the CDT last year
> who were having a miserable time mostly because they
> had too much stuff
> & didn't have a "thru-hiking mentality"
(which is a
> hard thing to
> describe) - they didn't realize the hike didn't HAVE
> be miserable.
> They ended up quitting, which was too bad because 2001
> was a great year
> to hike the CDT (weather-wise).
> You have time to figure that stuff out though... doing
> some
> "progressively longer trips" will probably
help a lot.
> Plus, for all I
> know, you already have a really good idea of what a
> thru-hike is like...
> I guess it depends on you.
> Be well,
> -Jonathan
> www.phlumf.com