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[cdt-l] Sly Sighting

We heard from Sly again tonight.  He and his five companions have reached 
Dubois, Wyoming and are doing well.  He thought the Winds were phenomenal, 
and wants to go back to see the parts he missed by following the official 
CDT through there.  A little north of the Winds they spotted a mama bear and 
two cubs, probably griz, only about 200 feet away. He was glad they were on 
the far side of the creek and didn't seem too upset. He had high praise for 
the people of Wyoming and said that the desert was hard, but better than 
expected.  They just loaded up on water and made miles.  It sounds like they 
are tired, but having a good trip.  Lots of trail magic, despite the size of 
the group.  He says he is enjoying being with the group.  It wasn't what he 
expected when he started, but he is having a good time.

We also heard from Ishmael on Sunday (on the answering machine), but didn't 
manage to connect with him when we tried to call back.  He was in Jackson, 

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