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[cdt-l] New Mexico Routes in winter

Hi Jintra (or confused?),

I am looking into alternate routes through the Gila as well, as backups if
the water is too high in the spring.  The Gila Wilderness (USFS) map
indicate a number of alternative routes that (for the most part) stay away
from the West and Middle Forks.  And at least two run the plateau above and
between the West Forks, keeping your feet dry all the way to the road
between the Visitor Center and the Dwellings themselves.   They all look
bone dry and boring.  Take Jonathan's advice and try to go for the Gila.
You can always warm up at the springs!


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Hi folks,

This is my first post to the forum. You may have heard a while back from
my two hiking partners, Jen and DD, who began our CDT trek in Colorado 2
weeks ago. All is well with them as they hone their wildfire avoidance
skills, and I will join them soon. (yeah!)

My question is about New Mexico routes, which I am working on now. We
plan to begin in northern New Mexico around Nov.1 Our chosen route is
mostly following James Wolf, although I am also looking at the
"official" route for reference. I am assuming that we can expect snow in
a lot of the higher sections, and general cold everywhere? Does that
mean we should avoid the Gila MiddleFork because of too many crossing in
cold water? If so, I am looking for ways around the Middle Fork that
will still take us to the Cliff Dwellings, and not send us into total
and waterless desert. Suggestions? I have never hiked in NewMexico, so
any help is much appreciated!! :confused:


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