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[cdt-l] Introduction

Hi all,

My name is Chris, a.k.a. Hiker 816, a.k.a. Shotgun.  I hiked about 1800
miles of the PCT in 2000, and I am going to be hiking the CDT in 2004.
Accompanying me will be Tony Nitz (Prehistoric Tony or PT for short) and
Jesse Gilbert.

I am trying to very quickly put together an initial itinerary, and I
was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get all the necessary info
about resupply stops and mileages between them.  Pretty soon I will need
to start assembling information about each of the resupply towns too, so
if you have any suggestions for how I can get that information I would
appreciate that also.

Thanks, and happy holidays (and hiking!)
--Hiker 816