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[cdt-l] Hills of the CDT

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     Yes , the hills of the CDT are killer for an " Out of Shape" Railroad
Engineer who sits like Humpy Dumpy six days a week 12 hours a day!!  To add
insult to injury is watching Sly kick my butt hiking up hill with a Cigarette
in his mouth. To jump out of a car coming from Sea Level and start climbing
at 9,000 ft is quite an eye opener. Even " Pappy" the oldest Nazi left alive
totally hiked me into the dirt. Sly was the only CDT hiker to be sponsored
entirely by  the " Jim Beam" bottling company!! And sidehilling in 803's in
the trail less area south of Bannock Pass sucks!!  ( I must say that today's
CDT trail is harder than the PCT was even in the 70's with all the route
finding , trail less area and distance to resuppy points)