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[cdt-l] The Weightless Solar Umbrella

Is it possible to design a "weightless" umbrella for use as protection from
the sun while hiking in desert regions?

Can a totable solar shade be devised almost entirely from items of equipment
that the hiker already carries or that may be found in the field, and which
are largely superfluous while hiking and therefore readily contributable?

Dare we entertain seriously the notion of once and for all banishing our
"either/or" packweight-conscious mentality with regard to the otherwise
highly functional brolly? (Either an umbrella OR hiking poles. Either an
umbrella OR a rain jacket. Oh, the anguish and lament.)

How about an umbrella AND a rain jacket AND hiking poles, all for the weight
of a rain jacket and hiking poles?
Huh? How about it?

Well, my friend, you got it... details coming soon.

- blisterfree