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[cdt-l] Re: CDT Journal sites

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From: Jason Mulkey <turtle_mud@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [cdt-l] Re: CDT Journal sites

> Also,
> Allen Stibora hiked parts of Wyoming and New Mexico.

Nope.  I didn't do any of Wyoming this year.  But, I do have a couple of
months of hiking in the Winds over the last 20 years.

This year in New Mexico I walked most of the Wolf route from Grants to the
Negrito Work Center in 2 sections.  Of that I skipped from about 5 miles
north of Pie Town to the east side of Mangas Mountain.  I did this in two
trips during March and April when the big fire was burning in  the Gila.

My journals (under the name Stumped) can be found at

If these links do not work, try a search of "Trip Logs" for "CDT" in Subject
Only at

I had been wondering when Troubadour would get the rest of his journals up.
I was enjoying the postings.

Also, Joanna Lennox aka Goforth completed a S to N ride on her horse.  She
plotted her own route.  She was in Grants at about the same time as Sly.

Allen Stibora