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[cdt-l] Re: rugged?

Well, Sly, I never nearly ran out of water, food, or
lost the trail on the AT. There were shelters, people,
towns, roads, stuff and just piles of civilization.
Aren't we sposed to leave civilzation ta home?

The hills? Naw, thats not "rugged" in my opinion. The
knees felt a tad challanged once in awhile, but only
once with bad weather on Mt Madison, and once with a
One-on-One with a tagged bear did I ever feel my life
endangered. Not so on the PCT. Had some adrenilin
nearly every day, especially when solo.

Maybe the PCT seemed more Rugged cause it was my
first? When the AT said View, it was of farmland,
generally. The PCT never had to tell us View. It just

Wasn't it Brian who said you will probably always love
your First trail best?


---seeking the perfect gram-gear ratio

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