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[cdt-l] Re: CDT Journal sites

Hi Jason,

I guess hikers have unpleasant border experiences these days. We finished
the day after the red busses stopped running between Waterton and East
Glacier . We hired an outfitter to drive us down to the US border at Chief
Mtn but he said as a Canadian he couldn't drive us into the US. So we walked
50 feet into the Border station and answered questions about ATF (none) etc.
plus how did we plan to get the 40 miles down to E Glacier. Hitching was the
only option. The cars that drove in after us were searched then we heard the
Guards say, "See those people (us)? They want to hitch hike. They are
probably dangerous. The could have guns in their backpacks!" Aren't border
guards suppose to check that?

That seemed like such a petty, mean action. Needless to say, we didn't get a
hitch until we had walked several miles beyond the station.

Our web has only selections of our journal. We are trying to decide if we
should clean up the typos and post the entire journal.

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Ken & Marcia,

Troubadour and I stopped keeping journals when we were
having a difficult time through the San Juans.  We
took notes, and planned to catch up once the trail got
a little "easier" in New Mexico, but oddly enough, it
never really got easier!  I know Troubadour was
planning to update his journal and websites once he
got settled in.  I'm also putting together my journals
and some pictures on a website though it probably wont
be complete until the New Year:


Sly: that list sounds right to me.  Adelia also hiked
on the CDT this year, and we saw entries from the
Waffle King? from time to time (Southbound).  Also,
Allen Stibora hiked parts of Wyoming and New Mexico.

Our border episode:

Border patrolman: "Why were you taking pictures of
Team fun: "Well, we weren't taking pictures of you, we
were taking pictures because . . . "
Border patrolman: "Have you ever heard of Terrorism?"
Team fun: "Uh . . . "
Border patrolman: "Do you know who develops your
Turtle: "Wal-Mart?"
Border patrolman: "Do you think this is funny?"
Troubadour (w/ poker face): "No sir, this is not funny
at all."
Border patrolman: "Into the room!  All of you!"

-I would relate what happened in "the room", but fear
that Mr. Ashcroft may somehow get ahold of this.
Suffice to say, Troubadour does not have a criminal
record, and Jen managed to supress the urge to press
the "MMMM . . . BURGER" button on her Burger King
talking Homer Simpson's watch (aquired in Demming)
during a particularly tense moment.  Had she done
this, I may not be here to write this e-mail today.

We were safely released merely half an hour later, and
told to "burn our negatives" after we developed our

Happy holidays everyone,
Turtle (not my real name)


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