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[cdt-l] CDT Journal sites

On a quiet day at work, I decided to see if I could pull together as many
CDT journal sites as I could find or remember.  Before we thruhiked, there
were no journals on-line, though we read every book we could find (all
four?) at least twice.  The past few years, online journals have
proliferated.  For those who haven't hiked, they can be an inspiration and a
good dose of trail reality.  For those of us who have, they can bring back a
lot of memories and spark good discussions. "They got lost where? How could
they get lost there?"
Or "I remember that place."  The photos tend to be fantastic, because so
much of the trail is so beautiful.  Anyhow, I thought I'd share the ones I
know about.  If you know others, let me know.

One of my favorite on-line journals is Jonathan Ley's 2001 account:

Troubadour's 2002 hike is at. www.thruhikers.com   It hasn't been updated
since mid-Colorado, but I'm fairly sure they finished.

Chris and Dawn's 2002 hike is at www.skinnyhiker.com

Another good one - Rafi's 2002 journal is at  www.dividedwewalk.org

Annaliese Ring's journal from 2002 is at

Ken and Marcia Powers have a good one at  http://home.pacbell.net/kdpo/

Charlotte Clews has one at http://www.geocities.com/backbonehike/  I just
started looking at that one, which I found through a Google search.

Brian Robinson and Team Triple Crown also have pictures and journal entries
for the CDT on their websites, though given the mileage they were doing,
their experience is very different from that of most thruhikers.
www.triplecrownoneyear.com and

Annie and the Salesman had a journal on trailjournals.com  They had to stop,
but may continue next year.  (Something to look forward to.)

Jeff Braun has some Colorado journals from his section hikes in the early
'80s at http://people.montana.com/~jbraun/CDT/

Simon Dyer's 2000 hike is at

Sarah and Adrianne also had a Gorp journal that year at

Chad's Montana journal in 2001

Jim and Ginny's pre-thruhike accounts of hiking Glacier and the San Juans
are at the Aldhawest site under journals. Our big CDT journal has never been
put on-line, but I love to share it with those who are interested.

A few are missing - Dick Mallery's doesn't seem to be active anymore, or it
may have been moved.  Chet Fromm had an online journal, but I don't have the
URL anymore.  It was on Geocities, I think.

Anyone know any others?


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