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[cdt-l] CDT Photos Posted

Hey Sly,

Lady Leaper here.  I met you at the Gathering this year up in West Virginia
at the CDT slide show.
I just love the photos.  Makes me want to go NOW!!  I'll be out of the
country a good part of hiking season this year, so who knows, maybe next
year.  If possible, I'll try to make it to the GA Ruck in anticipation of
your great CDT slide show.  Have a great holiday.
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> > I've uploaded some pictures from my CDT thru hike this
> > summer at:
> > http://gallery.backcountry.net/CobwebCDT
> >
> > I'll be adding more pictures as I have more rolls of
> > film developed.
> >
> Sweeeet....!
> Makes me want to go back... now, next year, sometime soon!  What a
>  Thanks Ben, looking forward to your other photos.
> Sly
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