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[cdt-l] Mt Zirkel fires

Encampment Wy. Aug22

The Zerkel is completely closed as are most trails in the Routt NF
leading to the Zerkels. AS I was heading NOBO I was advised by a FS
Ranger who was encamped at the Clark General Store to take FS 550 North
and than 1197 to the Wyoming Border, thereby giving the Zerkel fires a
wide berth, which is what I did. On my way North, Hahn's Peak was/is
open and I overnighted there for a birds-eye view of the fires. They are
huge fires with lots of smoke. The closure of the entire Zirkel seemed
excessive to me ...but I just dealt with it and walked North. The 10 or
so miles on 550 wasn't bad really. I looking forward to meeting some of
you SOBOs south of Rawlins. Peace

Caleb Ewing


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