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[cdt-l] Call from Sly

We had a long chat with Sly, who is taking a short break in Anaconda.  It
sounds like he and his gang are still doing very well.  They've added
another companion, so the CDT-Six are now the CDT-Seven.  He says that
they've seen surprisingly little wildlife - but given the number of people,
maybe that's not so surprising.  What amazed me was the fact that he said
there weren't that many cows - say what?  In Southern Montana?  Could be
he's just so used to them he doesn't even notice any more.  He is enjoying
the trail and the beauty, but still having problems with his foot, which
probably has a stress fracture.  Hikers!

It was good to hear from him and remember the Anaconda Pintlers and other
good places along the trail.

We're off tonight for Montana - but a different part of it.  We'll be in th=
Beartooths for two weeks - I remember standing on the plateau in the Teton
Wilderness looking over that way and thinking, "Those mountains look
interesting."  We're about to find out.


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