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[cdt-l] Mt Zirkel fires

This will affect southbound hikers along the CDT.

The Burn Ridge Fire has grown to 1,000 acres on Thursday, August 15th, up
from the 500 acres reported the previous day. The lightning-caused blaze
erupted Monday, August 12, near Burn Ridge, located northeast of Clark, CO,
20 miles north of Steamboat Springs, CO. It broke out about four miles south
and one mile west of the Burn Ridge Trailhead, located on Forest Road 443,
and has since spread into the wilderness. The fire is burning in blown down
trees from the Routt Divide Blowdown, and dead spruce trees from the spruce
beetle epidemic that followed the blowdown.

On Thursday, August 15, the Forest Service announced road and trail closures
due to the fire. Kim Vogel, Hahns Peak/Bears Ears District Ranger said,
"These closures are for public and firefighter safety. This fire has the
potential to grow significantly and we don't want people in danger." The
following road and trail closures are currently in effect due to the
*	Forest Road 400 (Seedhouse Road) has been closed east of where it is
intersected by Forest Road 443
*	Forest Road 443 (North Lake Road) has been closed.
*	Forest Road 440 (Greenville Mine Road) has been closed south of
Hinman Campground.
*	Forest Road 448 (Mill Creek Road) has been closed.
*	Trail 1163 (Three Island Lake Trail) has been closed.
*	Trail 1164 (North Lake Trail) has been closed.
*	Trail 1170 (Chilton Trail) has been closed.
*	Trail 1100.5A (South Fork Trail) has been closed.
*	Trail 1150 (Gold Lake Trail), 1161 (Gilpin Trail), 1162 (Mica Lake Trail),
and 1142 (Red Dirt Pass Trail) have all been closed.
*	Trail 1101 (Wyoming Trail) has been closed between Trail 1131 (Lost Ranger
Trail) and Trail 1150 (Gold Lake Trail).
*	Trail 1100 (Swamp Park Trail) has been closed north of Trail 1166 (Roaring
Fork Trail).
For the most up to date information, contact the Hahns Peak / Bears Ears
Ranger District office at at (970)879-1870.

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