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[cdt-l] A couple of things

Two things - I think Brian Robinson has finished the CDT part of his Triple 
Crown hike.  Last entry was from Pagosa Springs on September 25 when he only 
had 65 miles to go.  His on-line journal with the description of Colorado in 
the fall made me so nostalgic!  I wish I were there now!

Second - did anyone attend the CDTA conference last month?  I was curious 
about the Uniting Along the Divide II.  Did anything come out of it that was 
worthwhile?  Last time the report that came out was an utter dud ("The trail 
needs work --- everywhere."  I think that cost us about $10.00, if I 
remember right.  But to be honest, the woman at CDTA who sold a copy of the 
report to us told us, "I don't think this will help you much."  No kidding.) 
  Did this year's attempt result in anything that would be useful for 
prospective hikers?


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