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[cdt-l] CDT 2002 partners

Claudia/Swiss Miss:
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your e-mail.  I work as a sea 
kayak guide and am gone a lot of the time and I procrastinated so many 
e-mail replys that it's taken me all afternoon to catch up.  So, are you 
still planning on hiking north to south?  The only maps I really have are 
the Delorne map atlases which I've heard are great (I really like the one I 
have for Washington).  I also have the Jim Wolfe guide books and the ones 
from Westcliffe publishers...you can call them and get a photo copy of the 
nm one if you promise to buy it when they finish it in Dec.  Are you 
planning on hiking alone or with someone else?  Are you going to the ALDHA 
west gathering this weekend?  I've been talking with some people from the 
east coast who are planning to hike south to north.  I'm going out to meet 
atleast three of them in Nov. with a free airplane ticket I got as a tip 
from a trip.  Well, let me know how your planning is going.  I have a lot to 
do, but it will all come together I figure, eventually.
ps I hiked on the pct in 99 with a guy named Skitz and I sort of remember 
him talking about a swiss miss he'd met on the AT the summer before...could 
that be you or  is there another one out there or is my memory all garbled 
up with trail names?

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