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[cdt-l] Flyin' Brian

At least there's one person in the country who isn't caught up in the 
tragedy or subsequent political frenzy over the recent disasters:  Brian 


Peter Bakwin and I just spent another highly enjoyable day with Brian 
near Leadville, Colorado.  The Aspens were glorious, the air clear and 
cool, and the trails dry (unlike last week).

Last Monday Brian spent over 24 hours entirly above timberline on one of 
the toughest sections of the trail, North of Berthoud Pass.  He did this 
in windy conditions with 3 - 6" of snow on the ground.  In case anyone is 
wondering, Brian is cutting no corners in his remarkable Triple Crown 
hike - the official trail has been rerouted off the actual Divide, but 
instead he followed the Ridge over 10 summits, all above timberline, all 
in early winter conditions.

I updated my rudimentary photo gallery with 9 new images from Saturday 
(showing Colorado as it usually looks this time of year):


Have fun,

Buzz Burrell
Boulder, CO