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Sorry for not seeing your request until you had already gone through the
basin, but here is how it went for Dick Mallery in 1999.  Hope all went
well for you.  Let us know:

>From Dick Mallery's hike in 1999:
Around July 9 when hiking out of the Medicine Bow National Forest, the
landscape changed immediately. He could see it was the beginning of the
Great Basin area. He didn't realize he would be crossing the basin until
after crossing over I-80. It was very difficult finding water, but he
found a ranch near the crossroads at the former town of DAD.  There was
some traffic on the road heading into Wamsutter and someone did stop to
give him some water.  As far as crossing the Great Basin after I-80: He
walked about 8 miles up 23N (aBLM road) out of Wamsutter and came to 20N.
He was leery about hiking all the way north on 23 where he would
eventually run into the eastern CDT trail route. He was told by the BLM
office there would possibly be water but no guarantees. So he decided to
he'd hike cross-country. He headed north on RD 20, heading for the HAY
Reservoir. He hiked about 30 miles and camped. The next morning he hiked
a few 100 yards up RD 20 and came to the Lost Creek Fork and found a
flowing well. It was almost like someone left a hose on. Then it was only
10 miles to Hay Reservoir which had some water. There was a ranch there
as well. He hiked 30 more miles again that day and camped just south of
Scotty Lake on Red Creek Rd (BLM 3219). The next morning he was happy to
find plenty of water at Sotty Lake as well. It was a beautiful lake. Then
he cut country and went north around the west side of Picket Lake to
reach the Three Forks-Atlantic City Rd. (BLM 2317) which would lead him
to9wards South Pass city. He even found another flowing well just before
reaching the Atlantic City Rd. He hiked all day and finally made it to
the beautiful Sweetwater River and on to where the trail left the road to
head over to South Pass City. 

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