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[cdt-l] Flyin Brian

Great pictures and post Buzz about "Flyin Brian",

I just got home (Idaho) last night from the Colorado Trail and we were
constantly  looking
up and down the trail for the "Flyin Brian".  We came off at Leadville....so
he was still a little behind us. I bet Brian would have caught us if the
snow had not sent us packing.  Did see one CD Thru hiker named Chris ?  He
was a complete tailored package with his gear, incl. umbrella and tripod.  I
would like to know what the 2 piece outfit was made of that he hiked in. It
was blue and fitted well, possibly he had on a very lightweight underwear as
Thanks for the pictures.

Marge (the old gal)

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On Saturday, Peter Bakwin, Stephanie Ehret and myself had the distinct