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[cdt-l] Flyin Brian

On Saturday, Peter Bakwin, Stephanie Ehret and myself had the distinct 
pleasure and honor of hiking with Brian Robinson for a day.  He is well 
on his way to being the first person to complete the Triple Crown in one 


Brian is a great guy.  And speaking from some personal experience, what 
he is doing is truely remarkable.  It's hard to wrap your mind around 
what is actually taking place - the "Triple Crown" is extremely 
impressive, but something of an abstraction, except for those who have 
been out there.  So to me, it's more interesting to contemplate this 
undertaking on a more personal, day-day level.  To wit:

Wake up at first light, put your gear in the bag, start walking.
For breakfast, eat dry granola out of a bag, while walking.
For lunch, pull snacks out of your pockets, while walking.
Walk until dark, cook dinner by flashlight, go to sleep.
Wake up at first light, repeat ... every day for 9 1/2 months.
Almost never get injured, lost or sick ... for 9/1/2 months.
Do all this mostly alone, with no support ... for 9 1/2 months.

Brian has a very good attitude, is having a good time, and is healthy and 
fit.  I'm impressed.

Buzz Burrell
Boulder, CO

Have a look at Brian in the first winter storm of the year along the CDT