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[cdt-l] Triple Crown goes International

I'm an American living and working in Japan.  I do section hikes on the CDT
and PCT in the summer when I'm back in the States on vacation.

Anyway, I've been keeping track of Brian's amazing accomplishment this year
via this group.  Imagine my surprise today when I found an article about his
completing the Triple Crown in the Japan Times newspaper (Oct 29th)!

I think it just goes to show how truly great his accomplishment was.  I
just thought that he might like to know that he has gone international.  If
someone could pass on the news to him...

Oh, I'd also like to give a belated thanks to the folks who sent me
recommendations for my 3 week section hike on the CDT this summer.  I ended
up doing a loop around the Cirque of the Towers as recommended by several of
you.  It was fantastic.

Well Take care and enjoy your winter treks - (I'll be snorkeling in
Australia this year!!)